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Waterproof bluetooth speaker



Waterproof bluetooth speaker
We took everything you love about the original Swimmer and scaled it down ever-so-slightly with the entry-level Swimmer Jr. Smaller and more budget-friendly, this unique Bluetooth speaker still delivers high-quality audio with plenty of punch and rugged waterproof styling to match. It's the go-to choice for awesome sound from a super-compact, wireless device that's as versatile and durable as you are. The Swimmer Jr. boasts a waterproof hard shell and silicone bumper. So, it's shock-resistant against those drops and spills that are part of any great adventure. It also has a built-in mic that's speakerphone-ready.
Your new Swimmer Jr. comes to you in Battery Protection Mode. To turn on your Swimmer Jr. press and hold the Power Button. You will hear a turn-on tone and see the LED light flash blue. If your Swimmer Jr. fails to power on from Battery Protection Mode, follow the procedure below. - Charge your Swimmer Jr. for at least 3 hours by plugging the power cord into a USB charger. - After charging, unplug the Swimmer Jr.’s power cord and wait 30 seconds. - Hold the power button and then insert the power cable into the USB charger. - When the blue light flashes, release the power button. - If the Swimmer Jr. still does not turn on, repeat process. We recommend charging your speaker periodically if not used often.
    • Waterproof
    • With an IPX7 rating, the Swimmer can be immersed in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. Take it to the pool, ocean, and even the shower. Bottom line -- just soak it.
    • Loop your Swimmer around virtually any object, and for a secure fit pull the tail through the open slot and twist its end to any side.
    • Flip the tail and hang the Swimmer however you see fit.
    • Take the Swimmer's tail and reconfigure it any way you see fit. It doubles as a support base so you can set it up for great sound just about anywhere.

Waterproof speaker: If you want a waterproof speaker that doesn't look like a waterproof speaker, get ours one. It'll fit into a classy living room has water resistance, letting it withstand a full-on dunk. This is also the best-sounding speaker of its size, with meaty bass and audio balance you might expect from a hifi master. 


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