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Golden Dual Roller - Solar Energy Lifting Facial Massager Roller


The secret of firm face skin is actually very simple, we have a solution to lift up saggy face again. 

Do you want to lift up the skin around the cheeks?
Do you want to eliminate chubby cheeks?
Do you want to eliminating the line around the mouth?
Do you want to tighten eye area?

Every single muscle in our body need to be repeatedly trained, when we want to build our biceps, we need to regularly train the muscle, the same principle applies to our face muscle. we need to train regularly our facial muscle to get tight and lift up again. below are the acupressure point that need to be massage regularly to make your face muscle tight firm back to 20 years agojust within few minutes of usage.

With our Golden Dual Roller, it's never been easier to massage and bring relaxation to our facial muscle. Golden Dual Roller resembling the hand of professional massages and it applies solar energy panel technology to convert solar light to nano particle that produce kinetic energy with gentle massaging current that bring enormous and very effective result. 

The results are obvious, you can see the result after one time usage!

Golden Dual Roller leaves your skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and beautiful! Premium Home Beauty Skin Renewal, Firmness & Wrinkle Prevention

Aesthetic Technique : The 360 degree multi-angle design lets you control the intensity of your massage
Dual Roller : Double Spherical drainage rollers simulate aesthetician-like treatments
Carry Current Bearing : A new way of reinforcing bearing motion which gives rollers a better grip to skin
Arch Handle : Curved handle is designed to provide you with a firm comfortable grip
Solar Energy Panel : Absorbs solar energy and turns it into kinetic energy with gentle massaging current. Use the solar energy to activate cells, promoting metabolism and circulation

These key features provide Golden Dual Roller unique gripping and kneading massage experience to help you lift, tone and refresh your skin.


  1. Facial Massage
  2. Facial Shaping
  3. Skin Tightening
  4. Losing Weight
  5. Keeping Body Shape


  • Microcurrent
  • Solar energy
  • Double drainage roller
  • 3D design
  • High resistance against heat and acidic platinum coat
  • Waterproof

Feel kneading sensation of Golden Dual Roller with its unique squeezing motion. It is designed to replicate the gentle pinching and kneading sensation that an aesthetician might include as part of your treatment. These actions stimulate your skin and the muscles below and increase circulation. It works on your body such as :

Rolling Technique!
Move the rollers gently along the contours of your face and body. You can adjust the pressure by pivoting the handle up and down. We recommend rolling your Golden Dual Roller several times in the same direction over one section of your body, then roll in the opposite direction. When applying to your upper body, you should first roll up, then down. For your lower body, first roll down, then up.

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