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Mini Portable Heating Sealing Machine Household Essential



  • Save your money : No need to buy freezer bags anymore ,directly to use the original bag instead. Keeps foods and snacks fresher and longer. Prevent food to be softening and affect taste , also reduce food waste.
  • 2 IN 1 Function :The heated sealer is able to seal or cut up bags, the hand heat sealer to keep the food fresh and refreshed when sealing the bag, when you can't open the bag, the heating sealer can help you
  • Excellent technology : New core, refreshing sealing experience, the first generation of core heating wire, new core, manual upper and lower overall heating, low energy efficiency, ultra-high precision integrated molding heating film, centralized performance and heating zone.
  • Easy and fast operation : the bag opening method (turn the knob to the "-" position, press the knob to slide from left to right). Seal method (turn the knob to the "+" position and press the knob to slide from left to right).
  • Adopt the instantaneous heat chip technology: press the switch instantaneous heating, can be used for the sealing operation of plastic bags, used for sealing polyester film and cereal bag, plastic packaging bag, food bag, Potato chips bag, plastic bag.
  • Easy to place : small and convenient to carry, small heat sealer has a magnetic back, so you can keep it handy on the refrigerator, stove, microwave or any iron rack , of course you can also hang it on the hook.
  • Compact and Portable : firm sealing distance (about 3.5mm) machine sealing width is 2~3mm, no need for preheating, thin bag pulling, thick bag slow pulling, one second sealing technology, easy to seal the bag, go out portable, take the child to the street on, picnic, carry it with you.
  • Exquisite design : big mouth roundness, naughty design, can have affinity, can hold one hand; can make ice/water bag, picnic, emergency cold compress, fever, cooling, as part of the family.
  • Wide range of applications : for thin bags, medium bags, thick bags, extra thick bags, coated aluminum foil bags, polypropylene bags, polyethylene and PVC, etc, including (chips, melon strips, tea bags), medicinal bags, rice bags, etc.

Note: it requires 2 X AA batteries for power supply, not suitable for paper bag and aluminum film bag. The super thick food bag seal drag and drop please slow down.

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