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Kinoki Premium Detox Food Pad


Imagine waking feeling revitalized, energeticand ready to take on the day. Our foot pads may assist in improved sleep, stress & pain relief, increased energy, enhanced mental function and a boosted immune system. It may also act as an odor eliminator.


REFLEXOLOGY- Our premium foot pads tap into the ancient science of reflexology. In addition to being very relaxing, reflexology stimulates areas on the feet that correspond to different organs and muscles in the body. This helps to release tension, improve circulation and support overall health and vitality

GAIN BODY BENEFITS WHILE SLEEPING : What would it feel like to have more energy, less pain and a better nights sleep? Most people agree they’d do anything to find that bliss! This Premium Detox Foot Pad will Boosts your Immunity & Energy. It gives a Rejuvenating Rest and Deep Sleep. Combats Fatigue and Boosts Weight Loss. Relieves Itching Sensations. Removes Toxins and Medical Impurities. Stress and Anxiety relief. Renew Your Feet and Clear Odors. Improves Circulation and Increases overall Health.

FORMULA BENEFITS - Whether you’re struggling with aches and pains, feel like you’re stressed out, aren’t sleeping well, or just have a lack of energy to get through the day, it can really take a toll on you both mentally and physically. That’s why Kinoki Premium Detox Food Pad which formulated our foot pads with the finest organic ingredients to aid a naturally healthy lifestyle to help revitalize your skin, reduce pain, and even promote more restful sleep. Better yet, they can help eliminate odors and smells to give you back your energy and confidence with every new step.

Package Include:

10 pcs Kinoki Premium Detox Food Pad

Step Instructions For Use: 

1. Wash and dry feet thoroughly 
2. peel protective paper from adhesive backing of foot pad 
3. Attach the foot pad onto the center of foot 
4. Leave on for 6-8 hours, preferably overnight 
5. Remove pads then wash feet 

Notice & Proper Care: 
Store foot pads in cool, dry place away from humidity and high temperatures; keep foot pads sealed until use, keep out of reach of children.

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