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BeyondBath™ Toilet Paper Blaster Gun



BeyondBath™ Toilet Paper Blaster Gun – Skid Shot

Holy Sheets! BeyondBath™ Toilet Paper Blaster Gun transforms regular toilet paper into clean, hygienic spitballs! Grab a roll of toilet paper and blast away! BeyondBath™ Toilet Paper Blaster Gun use water, not spit to convert your toilet paper into spitballs that blast up to 30 feet.

Remember making spitballs in middle school and launching them across the room with a straw in hopes of it sticking to your friend or foe's face? Well now you can do this in a more cleanly manner with this amazing toy gun that shoots clean spit balls using an attached roll of toilet paper. It launches spit balls (with no actual spit involved), up to 30 feet in distance with the pull of a trigger.

• Transforms toilet paper into clean spitballs! (water not spit)

• Blasts toilet paper up to 30 feet

• Easy to clean up, bio-degradable & does not stain

• Uses regular toilet paper! 1 roll = 350+ spitballs!

• No batteries required

• Ages 8+ (Adult Supervision Suggested) 

Wipe out the competition

Was named the BeyondBath™ Toilet Paper Blaster Gun, the toy gun spit ball shooter works by simply attaching a roll of toilet paper to the side of the gun and feeding in the first bit of toilet paper into the slot, then just add water into the container on top of the gun. 1 roll of toilet paper = hundreds of spitballs.

Load your Toilet Paper & Blast away

Don’t worry, the Spitballs are easy to clean up and do not stain. (No skid marks). Convert real toilet paper into clean spitballs. No spit and easy to clean up! Load the toilet paper, fill the water tank, Pull the trigger and blast away! 

Instructions: Fill water reservoir. Load toilet paper. Blow away! Remove all packaging before giving toy to child. For best performance, use 2 ply toilet paper.

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