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Multi Purpose Ceramic Pot Frying Pan Set


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If there is only one pot in the kitchen, which one should I buy?
Kitchen essential, non sticky, added depth for steamed cook, fast heat conduction, good preservation, stewing two or three pounds of ribs potatoes is also appropriate.
  • YOUR FAVORITE FOODS COOKED FASTER - The stainless steel induction plate has been designed to eliminate hot spots while cooking. That means no more undercooked ‘surprises’ because your new pan allows you to evenly cook your favorite foods. This even cooking allows for faster cooking times.
  • 9.5 INCH DEEP SUARE PAN - Made of super strong Titanium Ceramic, this pan can do it all! It boasts two handles & a 9.5" square shape which fits more food than traditional round pans. Bottom of pan features an induction compatible base making this usable on virtually any stovetop!

  • THE ULTIMATE COOKING EXPERIENCE - Your fry pan is perfect for cooking on any surface. From electric, gas, ceramic and even induction cooktops. Now you can bake, fry, roast, steam, saute and broil your favorite foods all with the same set!
  • 100% SAFE ALL AROUND - Rest assured that your new fry pan set is a safe purchase. The fry pan is scratch resistant, heat resistant and dishwasher safe. 

    • SAY BYE-BYE TO EXCESS BUTTER AND OIL - Unlike regular pots and pans, our non-stick ceramic inside coating allows you to cook without all that extra butter and oil. The perfect kitchen companion for people with special diets or need to reduce their cholesterol levels.

    • MESH FRYING BASKET - For all your favorite deep- fried foods, now you can make them in your own home with the mesh fry basket! It features a clip so it easily stays levitated while inside the pan & an extra long handle to easily take it out.
    • FROM STOVE TOP TO OVEN TO TABLE – Works on all stove tops, including gas, electric, glass top, or induction cooking surfaces. The skillet with its stainless steel hollow handles is also high temp & oven-safe, as it is heat resistant up to 260° C. Made of high temperature coating, and the lid of the pot body is made of stainless steel. Non-stick coating allows you to broil, bake, sauté, fry, steam or braise your favorite food with little or no added butter, oil, or grease and be sure, nothing will stick to the surface of the pan.
    • ALL-IN-ONE COOKWARE SET - was designed to replace all your needs for multiple pots and utensils, like deep fryer, wok, baking dish, roasting pan, rice cooker, steamer and stock pot. With all the variety of cooking features gathered in just one deep frying pan, you can effortlessly prepare every dish you love, from soup to stew to main dishes and desserts. Pizza, french fries, pasta, fried cheese, risotto, crispy chicken, pancakes, cake and many more day-to-day or exquisite recipes.
    Your new 4 piece fry pan cookware set includes:
    1- Deep 9.5 inch square skillet with induction plate bottom
    1 - stainless steel fry basket
    1 - tempered glass lid 1

    1- stainless steel steam plate.


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