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AntiTar Filter - Disposable Tar Filter



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BEST DEAL! 3 Box Disposable Tar Filter - $50 + Free Shipping 
In general, 1 box supply can last 1 month in average.


Lung canceris the most well known disease caused by smoking. Tar contains most of the cancer-causing and the tar can form a sticky layer on the inside of the lungs. This damages the lungs and may lead to lung cancer, emphysema, or other lung problems.

Ready to give up smoking? We all know the health risks of smoking, but that doesn’t make it any easier to kick the habit. Whether you’re an occasional teen smoker or a lifetime pack-a-day smoker, quitting can be really tough.

Why is quitting so hard?

Quit smoking require high discipline to resist nicotine addiction and daily habit on smoking. Many people tried but stop halfway because they can not resist their cravings.

How does this filter help quit smoking?

Now there is a way to Reduce the tar content by up to 90% without changing the taste! You are still smoking, but at least during this period you protect your lung from dangerous tar. Once you get used to no nicotine, you can give up easily

This process may take some time, slowly but surely you can give up on smoking. you may use Anti Smoke Patch as well to fasten up the process.

 It's only as low as $0.19c per filter that can even be used max 3x, that's only $0.06c per smoking. Can you even imagine this cheap innovation tool can protect your life from expensive and deadly diseases? Not to talk just to help you quit smoking, but also protect your loved one and family.


Protect your lungs from most of the tar without taking away your pleasure of smoking. Act now!
Benefits of physical filtering:
-Protects lungs from most of the tar
-Helps reduce & quit smoking
-Reduces coughing & shortness of breath
-Relieves sore throat
-Minimizes stains on teeth and fingers
Immediately visible how much tar is trapped in the filter, as the filter turns darker and darker after each smoke. Each filter can be used up to 3 times.
What people said :
  • 1 box * 100pcs Disposable Tar Filter (it's only $0.19 cent per filter!)


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