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This Seamless Bralette Is The Kind Of Bra You'd Want To Live In — Even When You Hate Wearing One

October 26, 2018

When I was younger, I was always told that having small breasts was a blessing. "It’s just so much easier, trust us," my cleavage-bearing friends would repeat over and over again.


Luckily, I could almost always find my size on shopping racks, my boobs didn’t bounce around or hurt when I ran, and there were times when there was no need for me to even wear a bra.


Woman removed her bra!


Still, I was embarrassed to change for P.E. in the women’s locker room in high school because I felt didn't have a womanly figure. I’d sadly trudge past Target’s bikini tops in the summer, thinking I wasn’t curvy enough to wear them.

But as I got older and started to take birth control pills to regulate my period, my body surprised me: I got boobs! Silicone nipple covers were no longer an adequate form of coverage.


I was 19 when I finally bought a proper bra with cups and straps—all the bells and whistles—and I was thrilled to have finally entered womanhood. But as many of us know, wearing a bra isn't what it's cracked out to be.


The bands are too big or small, the cups gape, the straps pinch and dig, causing skin by your armpits to bulge or worse, roll. I’ve tried push-up, demi, balconette, plunge, and T-shirt bras, and not one has stuck.


After years of switching birth control methods, my bust fluctuated in size and the bras in my top drawer were doing the bare minimum—never a perfect fit.


I'm sure I'm not the only one who had never found a bra that truly fit well.



That is, until the day I came across a seamless bralette that my hands could not stop touching.


It was seriously so soft and stretchy, all the things I had been missing in a bra. The straps aren’t adjustable, so I was worried about them being too long for me and not fitting my body, but they are super comfy and stay in place with no issues at all. 


How could this be? I had to have it!


I was leaving for a flight somewhere, so I wore it, and didn’t take it off the entire weekend except to sub in a swimsuit. (A little gross, maybe, but it was that comfortable!


The bralette withstood the heat and humidity of the place, no small feat. I wore it beneath a low-cut sundress for dinner one night, and when my boyfriend rubbed his hand on my back, he looked confused. "Are you wearing a bra?" he asked, eyebrows raised, slight smile.


It feels like second-skin...I even slept in it one night!


Woman wearing SupaBra


Normally, I would have never even entertained the idea of hitting the sheets in something as constricting and uncomfortable (hello, wires!) as a bra, but this was like having clouds strapped around my chest.


Most bralettes provide coverage, but not any real support. This bra does both!


And it’s very smooth under clothing both in the front and back (no side or back fat!).  It’s U shaped in both front and back, which allows you to wear it with a variety of necklines. 


I’m a 34D, and the medium fits me perfectly.  Like it was made for me. It keeps the girls lifted and perky without hoisting them up too high.  And it’s incredibly comfortable.



Here's why you'd love it:

  1. SupaBra's Ultra Comfy Bra has no wires, hooks, or hardware, so slipping it on is as easy as pulling on a T-shirt. That means no more awkwardly putting your bra on backwards (to find those tiny hooks) then sliding the cups around to the front.
  2. I wouldn’t say that most bralettes were made to be particularly supportive, but this is where SupaBra breaks the mold!
  3. It has wide straps that are extra supportive and doesn’t dig into your shoulders. 
  4. For those looking for a bra with a smoothing back. The contour underwire cups are undetectable under clothing. But the front is just the start. The smooth back band is where it gets really interesting!   
  5. Also good: it has removable cups if you prefer full nipple coverage, or just a fuller look. Plus, the U-shaped back and front makes it versatile enough to wear with different necklines. 


The point is, if you're looking for a bra that is so comfortable you can forget you have it on, is completely seamless under even close fitting tops, and provides more natural lift than your sports bra for at least a DD, then I'd wager you'll love the SupaBra's Ultra Comfy Bra.


Woman wearing SupaBra Seamless Bra

At this point I should actually invest in more colors (nude, grey, and classic black), because I’m currently wearing mine almost every day. Fortunately, this bra won't break the bank. At $28, it's super affordable and can be used as an every day bra and even a sports bra for low-impact workouts.


Don't take my word for it, but look at the glowing five-star user generated reviews on Micella’s website, to see how customers love it.


“I really like it. I have chosen size L and fits. Quality is very good and besides it was delivered in two weeks. Thank you!" one reviewer raved.


"Wonderful seamless top quality bra and incredibly comfortable on.”


“So comfortable I’ve thrown away all my other bras. A true game changer!” wrote another reviewer.


A user generated feedback for SupaBra

The reviewers range in age from 25s to 60s, proof that this is clearly a universally-loved style—meaning you’ll be in the best of company. I'm officially obsessed, and trust me, you will be, too.


If you're looking for support, lift, and love the sound of something buttery soft and seamless, you're likely going to love the SupaBra Seamless Ultra Comfy Bra.


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SupaBra: The Bra For Every Woman’s Needs


Review from Our Customers about SupaBra (スーパー BRA)!

Fynn -

"This is my favorite bra, it have no stitch lines and perfect for under office blouses. Excellent quality for both material and the make. This is my third order. Thank you:)"

Wendy -

"Wonderful seamless top quality bra and incredibly comfortable. on The bust 88,80 under bust (85 IN European) size fit perfectly. also fit for 90 European. cheshechki drawn out. delivery fast. track to track"

Melia -
"this bra is very comfortable, I am going to order a few more!"



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