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Are You Spending This Much on Bras a Year?

October 26, 2018

Woman holding her bras


Ah, the bra. They aren’t the most comfortable things but they do serve a purpose and that is why women wear them, well, defiantly. Aside from being uncomfortable, it’s also almost impossible to find the perfect pair for you.

One that doesn’t bulge on your clothes, that has nice materials so it won’t leave a mark on your skin, with bands that won’t compress your ribs too tight and would actually support your breasts nicely all throughout the day.

Those are just some of the things that women have to look for in ONE bra. But how many bras does one woman really need in their closet?


How many bras does a woman need to own?

The Butterfly Collection says,"You NEED 3-4 everyday bras to get you through a year plus 1-2 sports bras if you are active.”

But there’s also a survey done by Rigby & Peller which shows that an average woman owns 8 pairs of bras. So, there’s really no universal advice for the number of bras you should own so let’s go with The Butterfly Collection’s number just for the computation purposes of this article.

Women spend an average of $290 shopping for bra alone

Now, let’s talk prices. You can get a push-up molded bra from Walmart for $10 or you can buy from a luxury brand and pay more or less $400. But let’s settle for the average price of $40. How about sports bras? The average cost of sports bras ranges from $15 to $60 depending on the brand and the support it offers. Let’s agree on the price of $30 for the average sports bra.

Now, let’s compute:

5 pairs of bras x $40 = $200

3 pairs of sports bras x $30 = $90

$200 + $90 = $290 for only 8 bras, 


That is $290 spent for 8 bras! And that’s only on basic bras...


There are still strapless, plunging, and multi-way bras to suit different styles of clothing. That’s also only saying you won’t exceed the recommended number of bras and sports bras. Remember, as the aforementioned survey concluded, an average woman owns 8 pairs of bras.

Let me ask you this…


How much are you willing to spend on good bras and sport bras?

$290/year? Even more? Or less?

If you’re like most women, you’d wish there was a cheaper, better option that doesn’t sacrifice quality and comfort…

With all these information, albeit ballpark figures, we can safely say it’s expensive being a woman. This isn’t even because of the volume of the items women are buying but because of the price of the products marketed towards them.

But wait... 

What if we tell you that there's this bra that you can use as your everyday bra and a sports bra?


The best part is?

It won't cost you an arm and a leg, and its worth every penny!


Ladies, this could change your life forever...



Introducing...The SUPABRA (スーパー BRA)

Woman wearing SupaBra

The Japanese design all-in-one everyday seamless bra that you can wear to work, to the gym, to the mall, or even to sleep!

  • It’s seamless - it doesn’t bulge on your shirt
  • It has high-quality fabric - it uses high-quality nylon fabric for a super smooth, comfortable, and breathable shell
  • It has added stretch and removable pads - it’s curve-hugging and allows full-movement for your everyday activities!
  • It provides medium support - yup, you can wear it from work to workouts!


But wait there's more...


They have an ongoing sale right now! A bundle promo as great as Buy 5, Get 5.

That’s $140 for 10 SupaBras!


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SupaBra: The Bra For Every Woman’s Needs


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