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November 11, 2018

Trying to find the most interesting gifts out there? We make it easy to give gifts they'll never forget. Find the coolest gifts for everyone on your list with our special gift lists for all ages no matter your budget. We rounded up the top 12 in-demand products this year, as well as tried-and-true favorites at Micella for you...





This 61 Keys Standard Piano & 88 Keys Professional Piano is suitable for home entertainment, beginners, family, or people who love playing music on the go! Despite its size you still get great quality sound, with 128 tones,128 rhythm, 45 Demo songs. Regardless of your age or skill level, this roll up piano makes a great gift idea. Control box is anti-skid, scratch-resistant design. Material is non-toxic. Compact with many added functions, this keyboard Piano will go with you anywhere, anytime! 


Suggested price: $225 $128










You never know when you're going to need to take a nap or get in some sleep while sitting upright. Now, you can sleep & snooze just about anywhere! Thanks to the innovative design of our traveling pillow scarf. Use it on long trans-continental flights, when road tripping or when taking a train to your final destination. It's the neck support travel pillow that gives you the freedom of comfy sleep! It does keep your head from dropping forward. You can place the support wherever you need it, on the left, the right, even in front. It does a great job of keeping your head supported and not rolling around as you sleep.


Suggested price: $50 $35






One of the toughest things to do while packing for a trip is fitting everything you want to bring with you into your luggage. Our packing cube system fixes that issue by neatly packing all your clothes tightly into our space saving bags. It allows you to easily store and organize your clothing that makes it easy to pack and even easier to unpack. Your clothes will stay wrinkle-free during your travels. We’ve included a laundry bag with your cube set so that you can separate your dirty clothing from your fresh clothes on your journey back home!


Suggested price: $65 $35



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Why bring a bulky keyboard? Maintain business level efficiency working from your smartphone or tablet, ditch that tiny phone screen keyboards. Lightweight and sturdy, made with aircraft-grade aluminum withstands the rigors of daily travel, excellent typing feel.


Suggested price: $144 $72



Never again have to worry about nowhere to place your phone when wearing non-pocket clothes, this cool cellphone carrying case provides better protection for storing your phone and other personal little stuffs when you are out for walking, shopping or dating. On the back of the purse is a clear see through plastic window which you can use the phone even it is in, very convenient to answer the call or texting without taking out.


Suggested price: $65 $35



No need to buy an expensive LED mirror, the hollywood vanity mirror lights will make your mirror look fantastic. The 10 led vanity lights are designed to be linkable. Bulbs are easily replace and even you can use as many as vanity light bulbs you want to, from 1 to 10 or more, to fit into any size of mirrors.if you want link more vanity light bulbs, please add more powerful adapters. since each led mirror bulbs is about 1.5W.


Suggested price: $70 $35



Store your carry-on essentials and travel documents in one slim and lightweight bag. Organize your carry-on travel essentials, such as passport, boarding pass, credit cards, ID card, coupons, tickets, key, money, coins, smartphone, sim card, pen and etc. Keep them all in the bag and protect them well during travel anywhere you go!

Suggested price: $60 $30



A bra without underwire and padding is a dream come true for all. With this wireless, no-wire and no-hook bra, there's no thinking twice about support or coverage. When you put on this slip on bra with support, it will almost feel like you're wearing nothing at all! If you're looking for the most comfortable wireless bra, then your search is over. SUPABRA (スーパー BRA) seamless comfortable bra is an ideal choice for a woman who wants a comfortable everyday bra.

Suggested price: $40 $28


Some game players are heavy and big, while there are also retro gaming console that are light and easy to carry. Besides the biggest advantage of retro gaming consoles, the retro handheld games console is a new concept of games, that is we can also enjoy the pleasure without heavy burden. Although the retro video game console is relatively small, the function and game effect is great, the wholesale sega game console are not too expensive like those big games, you can choose your favorite sega game consoles and send it as a gift for your friends.


Suggested price: $119 $55



Frustrated with expensive costs of traditional hearing aids? Now you can enjoy hearing the lovey sound of your grandkids, the birds chirping, and listening to the TV on low volume. Nano guarantees you’ll hear sounds you haven’t heard in years, you can adjust the volume to find the perfect high and low tone volume for you. Plus, Nano has ambient noise reduction technology to help cut back on background noise. The ridiculously popular modern Nano design is super small and fits completely inside the ear canal so it’s practically invisible. No one will know you’re wearing hearing devices!

Suggested price: $175 $119





This shoulder massager is a portable tapping shoulder massage product based on human physiology combined with modern work and living habits, suitable for the elderly and even younger working people who needs a massage at the end of their busy day. The device simulates a human hand to beat the massage, and the mode is changeable, effectively alleviating the pain in the shoulder and promoting blood circulation. It has 20 speed intensity levels that allows you to set a tolerable pressure to relieve muscle pain.

Suggested price: $150 $118



This is the latest lazy double-dye eye shadow product designed specifically for beginners who don’t understand make-up, draw bad eye makeup, or who don’t have time for eye shadow. It is a magical eye shadow that easy to create beautiful double colors eyeshadows in seconds. Unique eye shadow brush, the size is similar to the height of the eye, Quick & Easy 3 Seconds eye shadow. Each cream is highly pigmented with incredible payoff. It's long lasting and waterproof not easy to fade. Ideal for all skin types. Perfect for both professional salon or personal use!

Suggested price: $35 $24



#13 2-in-1 Anti Glare Car Visor for Day & Night 

Free your eyes from the things that make your life difficult on the road with this HD Vision Car Visor. This 2 in 1 visor is perfect for every driver out there and help you both during the day and at night. It is very easy to install and use. Just attach it to your car's visor and forget about the days you hate driving. 


Suggested price: $40 $30





Perfect solution for parents traveling with kids. Instantly create a travel bed for your children to sleep on during long flights. Height-adjustable leg pillow fits between airplane seats and also works as a foot rest. NO MORE sleepless flights for your kids!


Suggested price: $40 $30



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